Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tracking progress

Last week, Wednesday’s school lunch had everything I’m trying not to eat, and I couldn’t avoid it by not eating one or two of the dishes because it was ALL dangerous. So I shrugged my shoulders and ate my lunch. Up until this point I had had three or four days of feeling great. However, on Thursday I could definitely tell that at least one of the possible problem causing ingredients (dairy, gluten, or egg) was most definitely causing me a problem. I had issues for three days after that. This is the most clearly I’ve been able to notice a difference in digestion when I don’t vs. do eat dairy, gluten, and egg. So now I just need to determine which, if not all, of them is villain.

Very unsafe lunch 

Also, I’ve decided to quit buying peanut butter and nuts. They’re both just too expensive for how fast I go through them, and really packed full of calories. Plus, I think they’re hard to digest in large amounts. So if I’m gonna have something expensive and calorie-packed, it’ll be coconut oil, which shouldn’t be so hard on my guts.

On Monday this week, lunch had dairy and gluten, but not egg. I was expecting to feel the effects on Tuesday, but that was not the case. Does this mean that egg was the trouble maker last week? However, I’ve already established a while ago that both dairy and gluten can cause me problems, and yet they didn’t seem to this time. I know, some foods can cause problems even weeks after eating them, so when I don’t feel well and think it’s because of a recent meal, that might not be the case. Also, some things your body can handle in small amounts, but if you’ve been having too much recently it can be an issue. Digestion is complicated! So I’ve decided to try keeping a food diary. Here’s what I’ve made to begin with (sorry if it’s TMI):

 Tracking the foods I eat and my digestive issues, hopefully to find correlations. 

In addition to that food diary, I have another monthly calendar I use to track my progress attached to my Food Rules. I update my Food Rules every month based on how I did the previous month and what I think I need to focus on. Here’s November and December.


 December - notice a few changes.
Every month has at least a couple updates.

In good news, I've been eating well other than school lunch! Today I found cauliflower at the store, which is not very common so it was exciting, and I made cauli-rice.  Check it out.

Is that fish on rice? NOPE! No grains here, just cauliflower!

Also, I continue to resist the gifts of sweets from coworkers. One of the schools I teach at is quite small so I only go there twice a month. That means I have two weeks worth of sweets piled up on my desk. We've got quite the haul for Today's Trash!

 All of this plus three rice crackers that I could eat was waiting for me on Monday.

 I took it all out of the packages so you could see exactly what I can't eat.

 Proof that I resisted! Goodbye foods that hate my guts. (Get it? Guts? Hehehehe)


Ok, ok, sorry guys, I take it all back! I absolutely love and appreciate every single school lunch and all of the sugary treats my coworkers so generous give me, and I never EVER throw anything away. That is not, in fact, a trash can you see in that picture, but rather it is a... um... feeding receptacle! Yeah! For Bobifer! He's real, I swear. And he has guts of steel, so he can eat anything, no problem! He is also amazingly resistant to medical conditions, so he'll never have to worry about heart disease, diabetes, etc. Lucky guy! Even though he doesn't have to worry, he's still really supportive of me and this journey I'm taking to improve my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Thanks Bobifer, you're a swell guy!

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