Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Genki genki genki \(^o^)/

The past few days I’ve been feeling great! Super genki! I’m not sure why, but I keep waking up feeling happy and energetic. Including Monday morning, even though I was out late for dinner with friends on Sunday (at a pizza restaurant - that was difficult!).

I think I’ve been doing pretty well at getting back into exercising regularly. And I’ve mostly been eating only the types of food I want to eat, although in greater amounts than I probably should.

Since deciding that I’m moving back across the ocean, I’ve been thinking about what to do with all the stuff I’ve acquired over the past five years. One large item I have is a free-standing pull-up bar/dip/push-up station that I got for my birthday last year. Just last week I promised it to a friend, and he’s ready to come take it off my hands anytime. Given how much I’ve used it though, I feel like I haven’t gotten enough value out of it in just one year. So for the next couple of months I’m going to try to focus on doing workout routines that include exercises I wouldn’t be able to do without that type of equipment. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do a pull-up…

What is this even called? Exercise thingy!

So, I noticed once again that if I break one of my food rules, it’s much easier for all the rules to go out the window. For example, last week I had a school lunch that had both bread (gluten) and cream chowder (dairy). I also had been given a few little cakes and cookies. I took them home in order to either give them away somewhere else or just toss them, but I didn’t even manage to resist long enough to do either of those plans, and ended up eating them. Then I ate a huge dinner that was also high in carbs.

Perhaps this happens because I feel like I’ve blown it anyway, so I might as well not bother for the rest of the day. Or perhaps having food that my body doesn’t tolerate well actually increases my food cravings because of whatever chemical things are going on in my gut and brain.

Knowing that this is a problem, I was prepared for bread day this week, and make an extra hard effort to eat well for the rest of that day. A dinner high in fat and protein really helps when you’re limiting carbs, so I had both chicken and pork plus some grilled zucchini, and did quite well! I even resisted adding a bunch of my newly bought local honey to my tea. Hey me, high five! For dinner tonight I had salmon, chicken liver, and this awesome salad I just invented. It's celery, pear, and a dressing made of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and fresh rosemary. I don't really like celery, but I know it's an awesome healthy vegetable, so I'm always trying to find ways I can enjoy eating it. I used to eat it with peanut butter, but since I recently have been trying to cut peanuts, that isn't an option anymore. This salad was a great, though. Hey me, high five again!

Best part? The pear was only ¥50 because the skin was brown,
even though it still tasted great, because Japanese fruit must LOOK PERFECT.

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